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Tips for Making a Better PowerPoint Presentation

If you are in college, then you know that PowerPoint presentations also fall into the category of academic writing. In fact, they are the very essence of it and they teach you how to limit your writing strictly to what is quintessential to proving your point, pun intended. This kind of presentation isn't hard to do, but there are some tips that can make it even easier:

  • 1. Do not Complicate Things

  • PowerPoint is made for information with some principles in the form of graphics rather than paragraphs, like you would use on paper. If you use a lot of clutter on a slide, your audience will have difficulties in following with it and understanding the information you are trying to get through to it.

    • 2. Limited Number of Bullets and a Small Amount of Text

    Bullet points are great cues, but overdoing them doesn't help the audience get the message. Fundamentally, a PowerPoint presentation is a synthesis: the bullet points you're using must be the arguments that support your thesis. When it comes to the text itself, a good PowerPoint is one that has less text, not the other way around. The oral presentation is what matters most. In this way, you know the PowerPoint is useful when anybody who would read it without your narration wouldn't understand anything.

    • 3. Simple Transitions

    You are in the academic environment, not a design contest. Because of that, refrain from using exquisite, over-the-top transitions. People aren't interested in the aesthetic of the presentation as much as they are in its content. So, information you provide should be the best, engaging and well written. Sometimes, it's reasonable to use proffessionl best essays writing services. It's recommended to stick to a simple Swipe transition. It won't bore the audience out of its wits.

    • 4. Don't use Clipart Images

    The images provided by the Clipart are awful. You can beautify your presentation with any picture you find on Google. Just filter by "Permission to reuse," download it and put it in there. Use HD images and graphics to be sure they don't lose quality when you resize them. Clipart graphics may have worked in the past, but there is absolutely no reason to use them nowadays when HD graphics are widely available on the Internet.

    • 5. Charts

    Pie charts are the simplest and the best choice you can make. Those with horizontal or vertical bars and line charts are also good. Any other type of chart can render the information obscure.

    • 6. Do not Use too Many Colors

    A PowerPoint presentation that looks like a psychedelic explosion is going straight for peoples' eyes. However, this depends a lot on the topic: you can't use color in a presentation about the casualties of World War II. If the topic pertains to chemistry, you might need to use a lot of colors. But know when you must use them and when not to.

    • 7. Simple Fonts

    Do you remember the times when we used Wordart? Well, those times are gone. Times New Roman or Georgia are the best fonts to be used in a PowerPoint presentation. The text must look professional, that's why an intricate, almost illegible font should be the last on your list.

    PowerPoint presentations teach students how to break down information in small chunks and to be able to hand out to an audience the essentials of a topic. For those who don't have time to do them, don't despair: paper writing services are at your disposal.

    These writing services have professional academic writers who can write any type of writing assignment, PowerPoint presentations included, on any topic. Perform a search for best writing service and wait for your professional presentation to arrive in your mailbox.

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    Hire Writing Services to Avoid Problems of Expression in Your Writing

    Most academic tasks focus on structure, rules, and valid arguments, but they all connect through a clear language. Knowing how to write is just as important as formatting, editing or spelling and that’s why the best essays service hire specialists.

    Sometimes, due to short deadlines or poor proofreading, students aren't aware of some expressions, words or phrases that don't make sense or are wrongly used. In order to deliver a perfect essay, paper writing services also offer revisions, so appeal to them if you’re out of time, but still want a paper that is proofread. Meanwhile, here’s what you should always pay attention to.

    • Singular vs. Plural Nouns

    When you are trying to make a reference to an individual, there is always a dilemma. Should you use "him", and risk your paper being read by a female professor? or go with "she", and  basically address your arguments solely to a female audience? Well, the safest way is to go with "them".

    Best essay writing services online use plurals to eliminate the gender issue, so you won't have to worry about whom you're addressing your essay to anymore.

    Instead of saying "Her college admission was stressful," go with "Their college admission was stressful." This alteration doesn't change your idea, but it removes the problem.

    Usually, paper writing services will try to alternate "he" and "she" throughout your essay, so they'll avoid writing for a certain gender. Also, it can use "he/she", but this method mustn’t be used too often.

    • Short vs. Long Phrases

    Many students make the assumption that academic tasks and academic writing consist of long and complex phrases. Fortunately, this isn't the case. Writing clearly and concise is the goal. Writing long sentences can confuse the reader and also pose a greater risk of mistakes.

    As long as your sentences add clarity and express exactly the claim you want to make, then it's alright to use them. On the contrary, long paragraphs can easily lose their point and make the reader deal with mental fog, which will certainly not going to be in your favor.

    If you're having problems keeping your phrases short, start by debating only one idea per paragraph and then divide that paragraph into 2 or 3 sentences. This will allow you to clearly formulate sentences without the risk of deviating to other correlations as well.

    Instead of writing a 4-line long phrase, analyze it and see where you can put a stop to it, before beginning the next one.

    • Complete or Incomplete Sentences

    Especially when you're in a hurry to finish up an essay, unless you don't take the time to reread it, you may realize that some sentences are incomplete. Also known as "sentence fragments," they will not make any sense and appear to be lacking something, like a verb or a noun.

    For example, if you write "Student life pressure on the students." will seem incomplete because you forget to introduce the verb that connects your words.

    Other times, due to an error or lack of attention, you may put a period instead of a comma in the middle of the sentence. This is another reason why these “sentence fragments" appear.

    Although they are not major mistakes, the best essay writing services online will ensure that your paper is perfectly proofread, so you won’t get a lower grade due to errors.

    All these little mistakes won’t determine if you know the subject or not, but they’ll show if you've taken the assignment seriously. So, call on paper writing services to proofread your essay so that you can be sure that you’ll get a good grade.


    5 Unusual Tricks to Reveal Your Writing Talent

    Everybody talks with enthusiasm about "talent" and how talented some people are. The reality is that many people have a talent, but they just don't know what it is. Figuring out if you're great at dancing, foreign languages, singing, painting, or writing, can take time.

    Talent would be better defined by an inclination towards something. This means that if you are passionate about a domain, the chances are, that with a lot of work, you will excel at it. Another way of looking at it could be that being talented gives us the ability to learn or understand more easily than other people a certain thing.

    If a good voice can be easy to detect, having grace could be the base for a dancer. But what is the starting point to figure out if you could be a good writer?

    These are some ideas that could shine some light on your possible future career as a writer:

    1. Do you have a tendency to drift off?

    Although it may sound childish, being able to fantasize and create stories in your mind could be the first sign that you are a writer at heart. Creating imaginary repercussion or a desired end to a scenery may be something more than just day dreaming.

    Vivid fantasies imply that your brain can focus on more than the task at hand. Inventing different outcomes for a situation involves the ability and desire to see what more could become of an ordinary event.

    1. Was writing an easy task at school?

    If you're part of the few people who didn't complain about having to write an essay or do a book review, then you just might be a writer. Writing with ease and letting the words flow down to the page signifies that you have an extensive vocabulary and don't have any problems expressing your thoughts.

    1. Do you figure out movie plots?

    Usually, people are surprised at the end of the movie by the outcome. If you tend to figure out in the first half an hour the plot of a horror film, you're in luck. Being able to deduce what's going to happen means that you think ahead.

    1. Is reading a passion for you?

    Getting caught up on a story until 3 am, under a blanket can mean something more than feeling tired the next day. Not being able to put a good book down or being able to sleep till the last page, is actually a good sign.

    Sometimes, being an avid reader may resemble a cocaine addiction. Always searching for the next book to read means you're interested and in need of a good story. So, keep in mind that reading a lot is the stepping stone of any writer.

    1. Do you like board games?

    This might be a fun way to figure out if you're a writer. Your taste in board games can tell you more than you think. If you have to choose the games for a party, do you pick chess, monopoly, cards, or do you go for Scrabble and Trivia? If you fall in the latter category, you're on the right track towards being a writer.

    Solving a crossword puzzle while having a coffee also hides an inclination for words.

    Of course, if you keep a diary or love to write novels or plays, this could be a major telltale. If you find yourself in any of the ways listed above, then keep in mind that Albert Einstein said: "Genius is 1% talent and 99% percent hard work", so get to work!

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