5 Unusual Tricks to Reveal Your Writing Talent

Everybody talks with enthusiasm about “talent” and how talented some people are. The reality is that many people have a talent, but they just don’t know what it is. Figuring out if you’re great at dancing, foreign languages, singing, painting, or writing, can take time.

Talent would be better defined by an inclination towards something. This means that if you are passionate about a domain, the chances are, that with a lot of work, you will excel at it. Another way of looking at it could be that being talented gives us the ability to learn or understand more easily than other people a certain thing.

If a good voice can be easy to detect, having grace could be the base for a dancer. But what is the starting point to figure out how do you become a writer?

These are some ideas that could shine some light on your possible future career as a writer:

  1. Do you have a tendency to drift off?

Although it may sound childish, being able to fantasize and create stories in your mind could be the first sign that you are a writer at heart. Creating imaginary repercussion or a desired end to a scenery may be something more than just daydreaming.

Vivid fantasies imply that your brain can focus on more than the task at hand. Inventing different outcomes for a situation involves the ability and desire to see what more could become of an ordinary event.

  1. Was writing an easy task at school?

If you’re part of the few people who didn’t complain about having to write an essay or do a book review, then you just might be a writer. Writing with ease and letting the words flow down to the page signifies that you have an extensive vocabulary and don’t have any problems expressing your thoughts.

  1. Do you figure out movie plots?

Usually, people are surprised at the end of the movie by the outcome. If you tend to figure out in the first half an hour the plot of a horror film, you’re in luck. Being able to deduce what’s going to happen means that you think ahead.

  1. Is reading a passion for you?

Getting caught up on a story until 3 am, under a blanket can mean something more than feeling tired the next day. Not being able to put a good book down or being able to sleep till the last page, is actually a good sign.

Sometimes, being an avid reader may resemble a cocaine addiction. Always searching for the next book to read means you’re interested and in need of a good story. So, keep in mind that reading a lot is the stepping stone of any writer.

  1. Do you like board games?

This might be a fun way to figure out if you’re a writer. Your taste in board games can tell you more than you think. If you have to choose the games for a party, do you pick chess, monopoly, cards, or do you go for Scrabble and Trivia? If you fall in the latter category, you’re on the right track towards being a writer.

Solving a crossword puzzle while having a coffee also hides an inclination for words.

Of course, if you keep a diary or love to write novels or plays, this could be a major telltale. If you find yourself in any of the ways listed above, then keep in mind that Albert Einstein said: “Genius is 1% talent and 99% percent hard work”, so get to work!