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Lawyer-turned-teacher Virginia Donohoe and her former lover, Jack Daniels, take up the cause of a Jewish high school football player and his friend who object to “captive audience” prayers at practice which publicly and unequivocally condemn all non-Christians.

In this powerful, stark, and explosive story set in the fictional hamlet of Bernard, Texas, lines are drawn in the sand with lightning speed. While their lawyers plan legal action and silently re-examine their lost relationship, the town plans a “spontaneous prayer demonstration” at a high school football game. Meanwhile, the two boys and their families are ostracized and threatened. Anger muddles the line between fundamental principles and ideological intransigence as tensions build toward a stunning, unforgettable conclusion.

The Heart Twisters boldly explores the themes of knowing when to fight and when to compromise; religious extremism, and the renewed importance of respecting minority religious views in a post 9/11 world; and the power of love.